Karaiskakis Georgios


One of the most important figures of the Revolution of 1821, was born in Skulikaria, Arta in 1780 and died in Athens in 1827. At the age of 15 he became Klephtis (Rebel) under Katsantones, and made systematic raids on the Turks. During one of his raids in 1795, he was apprehended by Ali Pasha, who discerning his intelligence and bravery, kept him as a bodyguard. At the beginning of the Revolution, he joined the ranks of Greek fighters, while in March, 1821 he took part in the battle of Peta.

Karaiskakis, had bad health and was kept out of action for long period. In 1826 he was appointed Commander-in-Chief of mainland Greece. He won the battles of Domvraina, Distomo. Also on 24 November 1826, Karaiskakis crashed Turkoalbanians at Arahova, killing more than 2000 including the leaders Mustafabeis and Kehagiabeis During the siege of Acropolis by Kioutahes Pasha, Karaiskakis was wounded mortally and died on April 23, 1827.