Greek Revolution, 1821 - Timetable

Skoufas, Tsakalof and Xanthos in Odessos-1814 found a secret organization Philiki Etaireia, aiming the liberation of Greece.

Constantinopolitan (Romios) Alexandros Ypsilantes enters Iasio-Moldavia, 22 Feb 1821, and starts Greek War of Independence.

23 March 1821. Petrompeis Mavromichales, Kolokotronis, Papaflessas liberate the city of Kalamata.

24 March 1821, Patras. Bishop Germanos declares Greek Revolution. Turks find refuge in the castle of the city.

Panourgias liberates Salona (Amfissa) in 27 March and Diakos liberates Livadia in 31 March.

10 Apr, Patriarch Gregorios is one of thousands of Orthodox Romioi that are massacred in Constantinople, Adrianople, Smyrne, Kydonies and elsewhere in Mikra Asia.

21 April. At the battle of Thermopulae Athanasios Diakos (with his sword broken) is captured alive and is impaled by turks. Bishop of Salona Isaias is killed.

Shipowner Bubulina blockades Nafplion. In 23 April her son is killed at the battle of Argos.

8 May, Odysseas Androutsos with 120 men fights in Gravia's inn against 8000 of OmerVrioni Pasha.

12 May, Kolokotronis, Anagnostaras and Plapoutas destroy turkish army in Valtetsi, and on 18 May 1821 Nikitaras fights turks in Doliana near Tripolis.

27 May, Papanikolis Dimitrios from Psara island, sets fire with his fireship on a turkish frigate in Eresos, killing all the turkish sailors.

29 May, Andreas Metaxas from Kefalinia island, fights turkalbanians at Lala, west Peloponessus.

Greek Orthodox students die for liberty in Dragatsani-Moldavia, 7/6/1821.

9 July, Bishop of Cyprus Kyprianos is hanged. Hundreds of christians are beheaded.

15 July, Aggelis Govginas with 400 men fights against 2000 turkalbanians of Omervrioni at Brisakia of Evoia island.

4 July, KaraAlis admiral of turkish fleet, fails against Samos island, whose defence is organized by Lykourgos Logothetis.

23 July, turks of Monemvasia surrender the city to Dimitrios Ypsilantis. Greeks transfer them to the coast of Mikra Asia.

25 August, Gouras and Androutsos with 800 men destroy the turkish army of Behrem Pasha (4000 men) at Basilika.

8 Sept, Olympios blows the monastery of Sekkos in Moldavia. He prefers to die than to surrender.

23 Sept 1821, Hellenes (Romioi) conquer Tripolis, capital of Peloponessus, 32000 of turkish population are massacred.

7 Noem. Makedones, under the leadership of Emmanuel Pappas, are defeated at Kassandra's peninsula. Thousands of the greek population are slaughtered or sold as slaves.

11 Jan 1822. Ilias Mavromichales, son of Petrompeis (leader of Mani), is killed at Karistos Evoia. Turks cut his head and send it to sultan.

14 Jan 1822. The castle of ancient Korinthos is seized by Romioi (Hellenes). Plapoutas, Panourgias, Kolokotronis lead the operation.

15 Jan 1822. First National Assembly at Epidaurus.

20 Feb 1822. Miaoulis, Tompazis, Saxtouris, Kriezis fight at gulf of Patras against turkish-algerian-tenisian-libyan fleet.

9 March 1822. Kolokotronis, Plapoutas, Petmezas, Deligianis fight at Patras, where they fail to capture the castle.

6 April.Abdoulpasha with the help of Jews of Thessaloniki burns 120 villages and Naousa,city of Makedonia. 5000 massacred and 5000 women/children sold slaves.

April 1822. 50000 of unarmed population of Chios island are slaughtered without mercy. 50000 women and children are sold to slavebazaars.

6 Jun 1822. Konstantinos Kanaris burns with his fireship, the tuskish admiralship, Turkish admiral is also killed.

10 Jun 1822. Turks surrender the castle of Acropolis and Athens is at last liberated.

June 1822.Xoursitpasha with 14000 turkalbanians lay siege to Suli (Epirus region). Greeks try to help and are defeated at Peta battle. Many philellenes are killed.

26 July 1822.Greeks under the leadership of Kolokotronis, Nikitaras, Papaflessas, Ypsilantes, crush Dramalis pasha's army of 30000 men at Dervenakia, near Argos.

7 Aug 1822. Anagnostis Petimezas and his son (age 17), are killed at Vasilika near Kiato.