Those who visit Turkey must know that everything which is presented to them (Ancient or Medieval) is greek. It was stolen from greeks. Turks exterminated all the local people, stole their property and now they present it as theirs. They also changed the names of the cities, converted orthodox churches to mosques and they falsified history as well.

Orthodox church in Isparti Peisidias
Monastery of Chora
Theological school in Xalki island
Ephessus, the birthplace of great greek philosophers
Halicarnassus, birthplace of Herodotus
Aphrodisias, ancient greek city
Hracleia of Pontus, byzantine port
Xanthos, ancient greek city
Cappadokia, birtplace of Megas Basileios and Romanos Diogenis
Aghia Sophia, Holy Orthodox Church
Aghia Sophia of Trapezous-Pontus
Landwalls, Constantinople
Attaleia with byzantine castle
Sinopi, ancient greek city in Pontus
Orthodos church inside the rocks in Cappadokia
Tarsus, birthplace of Aghios Pavlos
Greek antiquities in Diocaesareia
Appolo's temple in Side
Ancient greek theater in Side
Byzantine castel in Anamorion
Ancient Myra birthplace of Aghios Nicolaos, monastic cells
Haghia Sophia interior, Ioustinianos and Meghas Konstantinos next to Mary
Constantinople, church of Pammakaristos (12th c), now mosque
Constantinople-Blachernae, byzantine palace (11th c) of Porphyrogenetus
Church of Hagia Eirene, built in 4th century by Constantine the Great
Haghia Sophia, painting of 17 siecle
Monastery of Chora, built in 6th century by empress Theodora
Saint Mary of Blachernae, built in 5th century by Augusta Pulcheria
Haghia Sophia
Haghia Sophia

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