Mikonos Island


Around 1000 B.C. the island was inhabited by Ionians who worshipped the god Dionysus. In 490 B.C. Persians used Mikonos as their base of operations and after persian wars it was part of the Athenian Alliance.

After the fall of 1204 by Latins, Mikonos was occupied by Gyzi brothers of Venice. In 1537 it was occupied by the notorious pirate Barbarossa and was used as hideout for pirates.

In 1821, Mikonos participated in the war for greek independence and in 1822 the islanders defeated turkish troops who tried to invade Mikonos. The leader was a woman named Manto Mavrogenous, daughter of the famous phanariot Nikolaos Mavrogenis a very rich man. Manto spent all her fortune for the liberation of Greece and in the end died very poor. She sent many letters especially to french women and asked for economical contribution for the struggle of greeks to ged rid of the barbarian yoke.

In 1830 Mikonos became part of the free greek state.

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