S k y r o s


According to greek mythology, when the Achaeoi were preparing the campaign against Troy (Ilion) in order to save Helen, the goddess Thetis, mother of Achilles, knew that her son was about to be killed. Therefore, she dressed him up like a girl and sent him to Skyros along with the women escorting king Lycomedes. Achilles was recognized there by Odysseas (Ulysses) who persuaded him to follow the campaign. Athenians conquered Skyros in 468 B.C. and Macedonians in 322 B.C.

During byzantine period, the island was a place of exile for byzantine aristocrats. Leon Sofos built in 895 the church of Episkopi. In 962 Nicephoros Phocas founded the fortified monastery of Aghios Georgios Skirianos and even today one can see unique paintings. Skyros has been part of Greek State again since 1832.