T i n o s


In 1000 B.C. Ionians from Minor Asia settled on the island. they worshipped the god Poseidon and built a magnificent temple in honour of the god of the oceans. During the persian wars they sent a ship to join the naval battle of Salamis. In 478 B.C., Tinos became part of the Athenian League. In 88 B.C., Mithridated of Pontos pillaged Tinos.

During byzantine period the island was devastated by Arab pirates (Saracenes). Turks conquered the island from Latins in 1715. During the greek revolution of 1821, the Orthodox islanders actively participated, while the catholics maintained a neutral status. In 1830, Tinos became part of the Greek State.

On 15th August 1940, an italian submarine treacherously, torpedoed the greek warship "Elli", anchored in the island's port as it honoured Virgin Mary. On the island was built in 1823 a magnificent neoclassical church dedicated to Virgin Mary (Panaghia), in the place where the miraculus icon of Panaghia Evagelistria was found.