Kurdish Holocaust

Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, tried to extinguish all minorities from Turkey. Since then turkish rulers are following his policy and ideology. Democracy is not yet established, press is censored and controlled, political opponents are tortured in the terrible turkish prisons, military leaders control the internal and external policy, and the minorities are suffering. Free research on sensitive political issues in Turkey means imprisoment and torture. For example Ismail Besikci, Turkeys most famous sociologist, is currently sentenced to more than 200 year in prison for his writings.

Kurds lived in their territories long ago before Seljuk Turks invaded their country KURDISTAN. They have absolutely no relation (racial, linguistic, anthropologic) to their turkish oppressors, who are of mongolic descent. Today is estimated that more than 15 millions of Kurds live inside the turkish state.

Since Kemal Ataturk, Kurds have been forced to deny their origin, their culture, their language, in order to avoid imprisoment, torture and death. It is remarkable that Kurds are totally absent of official Turkish history and literature. They are forced to speak and act as Turks. We are in front of an ethnic extermination and the rest of world, seems careless of what happens there. They are careless of the thousands burned Kurdic villages, of the thousand children who are suffering from hunger and cold, of the thousand dead Kurds.

The Treaty of Sevres mentions an autonomous, independent Kurdistan. The Kurds have the right to freedom and to independence. Civilized people must help to be established in Turkey freedom of expression, legitimity of criticism, free distribution and exchange of ideas and the Kurds' right to fight for their own case by peaceful means.