Castle of Monemvasia-A byzantine castle situated south-east of Peloponess

Monemvasia occupies a steep, rocky islet connected to the Laconian coast by a bridge. The settlement was founded in the 6th century A.D. by emperor Maurice. The castle that was built and the walls helped the city to keep away the pirates. The inhabitants were sailors and merchands and the city kept its economical development for many centuries. In 1147 the Normands tried to capture it without success. Francs managed to capture it but only for 10 years period.

In 1259 MICHAEL PALAELOGOS liberated Monemvasia and the city had important cultural and economical development until 1460 when the area was captured by the Venetians. In 23 July 1821, after a long siege turks surrendered the castle of Monemvasia to Alexandros Kantakouzenos.

The most important monuments of the city are:
The castle and the walls.
Church of Aghia Sophia built by emperor ANDRONIKUS II PALAEOLOGOS in 13th century.
Church of Christ Helkomenos, with significant icons.
Church of Panaghia Myrtidiotissa built in 17th century.