Monastery of Megha Spelaeon - Peloponnese

 Megha Spelaeon - Peloponnesse

Tenaciously glued against the opening of a large cave from which it derives its name (Spelaeon=cave), at the base of a huge perpendicular rock formation of Mt. Helmos, 1000 m. above sea level, the Monastery of Megha Spelaeon enspires awe and wonder for its uniqueness.

The monastery is an eight-storey structure, and the main church or Catholicon, dug within the rock of the mountain, is a cruciform church with two narthexes. Its frescoes date form 1653 and in the church is preserved the sacred icon of the Mother of God, painted by Evangelist St. Lucas. The icon was found in 362 A.D. by a young sheperdess at a waterspring inside the cave.

In 1827 the monks fought against the hordes of Turkoegyptian Ibrahem and made him retreat, while in December 1943, Nazis burnt the Monastery and murdered 22 persons.