The Holy Monastery of Iveron was founded in 10th century by St Ioannes the Iberian (Georgian). St Ioannes was a companion of St Athanasios. St John and his son St Euthymius are recognized as Apostles to the Iverians (Georgians).

In the 14th century the monastery suffered damage from Catalans. However, it managed to recover, with the generous help of the Palaeologus and the princes of Serbia and Georgia. In the difficult times of the 16th century various Georgian princes helped the monastery to face its economic difficulties.

The Iveron Monastery is the home of the Holy Mountain's protecting icon - Our Lady Portaitissa. In 1651, a copy of this icon was sent to Moscow at the request of the Tsar's family. In 1865, the monastery was totally burnt by a fire.

At the time of the Greek War of Independence, Iveron gave its treasures to support the Struggle. It holds the third place in the hierarchy of the Athonite monasteries and has been a coenobium since 1990. It possesses the so-called dalmatic of Ioannes Tsimiskes, the episcopal vestments of Patriarch Dionysios IV, a Gospel book which was a gift from Peter the Great, sacred vessels, embroideries, and the relics of 150 saints. The library of Iveron contains 2000 manuscripts 15 lithurgical scrolls and 20000 books.