Rossikon (Russian Monastery)


The Holy Monastery of St Panteleimon is also called Rossikon (Russian). Its multi-storeyed buildings testify to its rich and expansive past. Around 1193, St Sabbas, Archibishop of the Serbs, became a monk of the Monastery. In 1307, Catalan bandits burnt it, but it was recovered later with the help of Stefan Dushan.

The Russian and the Greek elements succeeded in living together in harmony in the Monastery. It was supported with funds by Serbian and Romanian princes and Tsars of Russia. Under turkish yoke St Panteleimon suffered and most time was deserted. But in 18th century it was revitilised with the help of donations from the Phanariot Kallimachis family. In 1895, 1000 russian monks lived in the monastery, but after the events of 1917 their number began to reduce.

The katholikon was built in 19th century. The bells of the monastery are magnificent. The largest weighs 13 tons and has diameter 2.7 meters. Rossikon possesses 1320 manuscripts in greek and slavonic language.