Stavroniketa Monastery is the smallest in size on the monasteries in Holy Mount. It was founded in 10th century by Stavroniketas Nicephorus, an officer of emperor Tsimiskes. The monastery suffered from raids in 12th century. In 1541, the Ecumenical Patriarch Ieremias I helped with funds the monastery and recognized it as a stavropegic monastery. The katholikon was decorated in 1546 with paintings of the famous representative of the Cretan School Theophanis and his son Symeon.

In 1607 the monastery was totally burnt. In 17th century, it was supported by Princes of Wallachia (semi-autonomous province of ottoman empire), Serban Kantakouzenus and Alexandros Ghikas. But heavy taxes which had to pay to the sultan, resulted to its decline.

One of the most valued treasures is the icon of St Nicolas, a work of 13th century. Stavroniketas possesses 171 manuscripts and many printed books. One Psalter of 12 century is gold lettering.