The Holy Monastry of Vatopediou was founded around 972, by three rich nobles, Athanasius, Nicolas and Antonius. In the Second Typikon (1045) it held second place among the monasteries. In the 12th century St Savvas and St Symeon, national leaders of Servia were monks of the Monastery.

Difficult times were the raids and looting of Frankish pirates and Catalans (14th century) and later of turkish tribes. In th 15th century, the Monastery had as a member of its community the Apostle to the Russians, St Maximus the Greek. In 1749, the famous Athonite Academy was set up at Vatopediou Monastery. It has 31 chapels and valuable treasures.

Among the treasures are icons of Virgin Mary, sacred vessels, elaborate vestments, 2000 manuscripts and 35000 printed books.