The Xenophontos Monastery was built in 10th century by St. Xenophon. Also Symeon, drungarius of Emperor Nicephorus Votaneates, provided the Monastery with funds, in 11th century. Xenofontos, like all other monasteries suffered from pirate raids from Latins in 13th century.

During turkish occupation, it was supported by wealthy Vlachs. During the 16th century the majority of the monks were Slavs. In 17th century Jewish usurers, caused its financial ruin. Jewish people during turkish yoke had close relations with the turant and were never hurt by sultan.

The old katholikon was constructed in 11th century and was adorned with a wooden sanctuary screen in 17th century. The bell tower was built in 1864. Xenofontos possesses 600 manuscripts, 7000 books, two icons of 14th century of St George and St Demetrius, a piece of True Cross, sacred vessels, relics of saints, etc.