This angel is dead because US has to empty the stocks of rockets. Military industry has to survive.

So US has invented bad guys and through Humanitarian NATO is using the weapons against them. The media are brainwashing western people (totally ignorant of history), and the bombs are falling, dollar is going higher, stock markets also. Now is Milosevic, later another one. US economy depends on the wars that US will create.

Britain has betrayed its allies of II world War

While Turkey, Nazi ally, is continuing its genocide of Kurdish populations as did with all other minorities, the ungrateful Allies are bombing Servia. Servia had millions of deads in Second World War, so that Britain and USA today are the masters of world and do whatever they desire. Croatia also NAZI ally, gathered serbs antinazi in concetration camps and committed genocide. Albania also was an ally to the fascists. Britain faithfull to its tradition, changes side whenever is good for Britain's interests.

It seems that it was wrong for Servia and Greece to fight against Nazis, because Albania and Turkey who were allied to Nazis get presents from USA, for their attitude. North Epirus was given to Albania, taken from Greece, North Cyprus was given to Turkey, taken from Greece and now Kosovo is taken from Servia to be given to Albania.

The rest of Europe (France, Germany, Italy..) are following US like good sheep. They like the american bombs falling in Europe with result the destabilization of Europe.

Bombs are killing innocent people. Hundreds of civilians are massacred by NATO F16. Imagine if they were killed be Servs. All western medias, whould show all the time the victims. Now because the murderer is NATO, european corrupted medias hide the truth and the corrupted international court waits for US orders.

Somebody please give me an explanation of this arrogant Anglosaxonic behavior and of the European's attitude. What is France, Italy doing!!! They obey US orders? France was and always will obey Anglosaxons

Servia is protecting its independence. Kosovo is holy area for Servia and nobody has the right to take it away.