French, Italians, Germans, Europeans wake up!

US (government-companies) rockets contain URANIUM. A terrible ecologic destruction is taking place in Balkans. Toxic clouds are over Greece. NATO is murdering thousands who will die from cancer. Europe is permitting such a crime. Why?

NATO is massacring hundreds innocent women, children. Meanwhile European media show only Albanians suffering. Servians are not human, they don't suffer at all!!!!

US government-companies wants Balkans at any cost. Russia must be isolated. Serbia is an obstacle to this purpose, because Serbia is not following US orders. Meanwhile little Europe follows the orders of Allbright.

US government-companies has to desintigrate Europe at any cost. US doesn't want the union of European countries. Meanwhile the small european leaders follow Clinton.

US factories must empty their stocks of rockets. Military industry must survive and must sell its products. Imagine the billions of dollars that will gain US industries from this war! Meanwhile UN follows US like a good employee.

The western media hypnotize western people, telling them that the cause of bombing from US is for humanitarian reasons!!!!! US is the protector of all Latin America dictators, is the protector of the criminal state of Turkey. Meanwhile an independent state like Cyprus is occupied from turkish forces and US says that only dialog can resolve the problem.

The murder of innocent people is justified from CNN, BBC, ABCNEWS. Their boss is the one who makes aiplanes, rockets.