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Icons of Hellenic History

Ancient Greece

Acropolis - Athens
Classic Athens
Ector fights Aias, trojan war
Leonidas king of Spartans fought against Persians in Thermopylae, 480 BC
Miltiades, general of Athens, fought against Persians in Marathon, 479 BC
Themistocles, admiral of Athens, fought against Persians in Salamis, 480 BC
Ancient Hellenic World
Philippos, king of Macedonia
Battle of Gavgamila, Alexandros against persians
Great Alexander
Great Alexander
Great Alexander
Macedon fighters
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
Death of Meghas Alexandros
Pergamus, ancient city of Minor Asia

Greek Orthodox Empire 330 - 1453

Church of Saint Andreas - Patras
Theofilos, Byzantine emperor

Ottoman Tyranny 1453 - 1821

Ottoman invaders from Moggolia, devastated the lands of Greek Orthodox Empire
Ottomans, invaders from Moggolia
Janissaries, born christians were taken from their parents and transformed to fanatic soldiers
Kidnaping of christian children by ottomans
Hydra island, 1790
Chios island 1820
Slaved Greece for 5 centuries

War of Indpendence 1821 - 1829

Greek Revolution against ottoman tyranny - 1821
Papanikoles burns turkish fregate, Eresos 1821
Kanaris, sailor who burned dozens of turkish ships during revolution
Liberation of Nafplion
Naval battle of Sfaktiria island, 1825
Naval battle of Navarino island, 1827
Othon, king of Greece, after the independence

Modern Greek State (Liberation of greek lands) 1833 - 1912

Athens - 1850
Arkadi Monastery - Holocaust 1866, Crete
Arkadi Monastery - Holocaust 1866, Crete
Cretan fighter, 1866
King Georgios 1st
Liberation of Epirus and Thessaly, 1881
Crete, 1897
Greek-turkish war, 1897
Greek-turkish war, 1897
Greek-turkish war, 1897
Domokos 1897, greeks retreat
First Cretan Assembly, 1898
Macedons fought for liberation of Makedonia, 1900-1908
Pavlos Melas, fought and died for Makedonia
Tellos Agras, fought and died for Makedonia
1st Balkan war, liberation of Macedonia
Liberation of Salonica
Liberation of Macedonia
Liberation of Chios, 11 Nov 1912
Venizelos, Kountouriotes, Dagles
Venizelos, king Konstantinos
Venizelos, the best politician of modern greek state
Eleftherios Venizelos
Captain Votsis
Bizani 1912, liberation of northern Epirus
Bizani 1912
Liberation of northern Epirus, 1912
Naval battle of Ellispontus (Dardanellia)
Naval battle of Ellis, 3 Dec 1912
Warship Averof
Warship Averof, alone crashed the turkish fleet and liberated the aegean sea from
Warship Averof

2nd Balcan war, WW I, Minor Asia 1913 -1922

Naval battle of Lemnos
Naval battle, liberation of Aegean sea, 1913
King Constantine, 1913
King Constantine, chief of the army, 1913
Free Ioannina, 1913
Battle of Kilkis against Bulgars
Entente 1918, Greece participated in WW I against Turks, Germans and Bulgars
Battle of Skra, against Bulgars and Germans
Admiral Kountouriotes
Averof enters in Constantinople, 1918
1918, Great Powers denied to give Constantinople to Greece
Liberation of Panormus, Minor Asia
Liberation of Redestos, eastern Thrace
Free Proussa, 1920
Venizelos signs the Serves treaty where Smyrne was given to Greece, again after 6 centuries of barbaric occupation
Battle of Kale groto, 1921
Plastiras, colonel of greek army in Minor Asia
Plastiras Nikolaos
Free Koutaheia, 1921
Koutaheia, 1921
Painting of war for liberation of lands of Mikra Asia, 1921
Minor Asia, war for the liberation of ionian land, the birthplace of greek philosophy
Near Agkyra, 1922
Nicomedia, 1922
Aidinion - Minor Asia, destruction 1922

Second World War 1940 - 1945

Italians without reason, sunk the battleship Elli in August 1940
Painting from greek-italian war of 1940
Photo from greek-italian war of 1940
Greek-italian war of 1940
Liberation of northern Epirus
Alexandros Diakos, first officer dead of war, 1940
Colonel Davakes
Prime Minister Metaxas, organized the defence in northern Greece
Free Argyrokastro, 1940
Free Epirus, 1940
Greek soldiers
Amerikan magazine, 1940
Submarine Papanicoles, 1940
Northern Epirus, 1940
Second World War, 1940
Fortress Rupel, faced the german attack, 1941.
Germans invaded Greece, 1941
Germans commited terrible atrocities during the occupation 1941-45
Hitler in 1941, declared that the braviest army ever faced the germans was the greek army.
Stuka, 1941
Crete, 1941. Greeks fought against germans on the side of ungrateful allies with hundred of thousands losses. But Agglo-american policy is unfriendly since then (Cyprus, Epirus)
Greek guerrillas blow the gorgopotamos bridge

Cyprus - Fight for liberation

Cypriot hero, killed by british invaders - 1957
Cypriot hero, fought for the liberation of his homeland - 1956
Cypriot hero, Anglo-americans gave half Cyprus to turks, thanking so Greece for its alliance with them